Senior Welcome Guide



Congratulations! Whether you are about to graduate, or already have, you are embarking on one of the biggest milestones of your life and I am so excited for you. This is one of those times where pictures are so important and I am happy you chose me to help you make those memories happen! Senior sessions are fun because we get to choose fun locations and really make this all about YOU! I hope the following guide will help answer some of your questions and feel more comfortable with your upcoming session. 

Preparing for your Session

What should I wear?

Depending on the session package you choose you can have the option for multiple outfits. Make sure that you choose something that is your style. This is not the time to change it up drastically because you will regret it later. Be true to who you are. Make sure the  outfits you choose are things you feel good in. You know you exude more confidence when you know you look good and we want that to come through in your pictures. 


What do I need to bring?

*extra clothes if your session allows for a wardrobe change. 

*any props that are you unique to you that you want to include. If you play an instrument or a sport don't hesitate to bring something that highlights that. 

*some bring a cap and gown but that is up to you.

*make up or hair accessories for touch ups.  

How long is a session?

Once again this depends on the session you choose. A mini lasts about 30 minutes with one location. A simple can last 30-40 minutes at one location. A full can last 2-3 hours with multiple locations.  




We will want to choose locations that fit your look and style. I have done sessions at ranches, coffee houses, downtown, abandoned buildings, fields, etc... The most important thing is that it reflects a place or look you love. (Some places do require permits to shoot at so we need to get those booked in advance as much as possible)

Strike a Pose!


It never hurts to look online or Pinterest and practice posing. Get comfortable by yourself with certain poses and find ones you like. The more comfortable you are posing, the more relaxed and effortless your pictures will look. So get in front of the mirror and practice!  

I hope that helps to answer all of your questions but if you think of anything else please don't hesitate to ask! 

See you soon!!