Get in your pictures!

About 6 weeks ago we unexpectedly lost my mother-in-law. She had been sick and battling a broken arm but how fast she left us came as a shock, in all honesty, my head is still spinning. I still have moments, like the rest of the family, where I can't believe it. She was one of the sweetest people I could ever have met.

As many of you know, after losing someone, the days that follow are kind of a blur. So much to do, no time to slow down. My husband and his family made all the arrangements and figured everything out and it was beautiful. The one thing the family sat around do to together was look for pictures that the funeral home had asked for.

That's when it hit me. We as moms need to GET IN OUR PICTURES. I am so guilty myself of staying out of pictures because I'm having a bad hair day, I don't have make up on, or I just don't want to. However, going through pictures of my own mom (who passed when I was 19) or my mother-in-law made me realize


When I am looking at pictures of my own mom never once am I thinking "man she should've worn make up" or "cut your hair mom". Nope not once. I am looking at the pictures of certain vacations I want to remember. Where did we go? Who were we with? But I see more. I see silly faces, laughter, how her nose crinkled up when she smiled really big. I see her as a person. Never once have I ever picked her apart. We don't do that when we look at old pictures. Well sure we might criticize old fashion trends but never the actual person.

I take selfies with my kids but rarely post unless I approve of it. So I am stepping outside my comfort zone to show you that taking pictures is important no matter what you look like. They will be the pictures that your kids remember you by. They will be the memories your children need when you aren't around any more. And I have learned one thing very well in my life...days are not guaranteed. Don't say "well when I lose 50 pounds" or "I will get better at that one day". That one day is now because tomorrow is not promised. What if you were gone tomorrow? What pictures of you would your kids have?

Get in your pictures! Get out there and do things with your kids and document it. Make silly faces. Be real. They will love you for it later!

Now if your husband happens to be by you this part is for him.

Hubbies, take pictures of your wife. You know she is behind the phone or the camera taking pictures of you, you need to do the same. Don't let her tell you no. Take her picture at times when you find her most attractive, even if that means in the morning with no make up on. Take pictures of her interacting with the kids. You will want these memories later too.

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