Valentine Mini Sessions 



I am so excited to welcome you to my Valentine Focus on giving event! I started these events as a way to give back to an organization in our community while getting some really cute pictures! 

These sessions last about 10-15 minutes and are scheduled back to back so please be early! It is better for you to be waiting on me, than me on you. If you are running late, that will only cut into your own time. The next session will start on time. Within a week you will receive an online gallery of unedited pics. You get to choose 3 images (any additional are $5 each) Once you choose your favorites I will edit them and send them back. 


Preparing for your


What should they wear?

This is completely up to you! Girls can wear cute dresses, valentine shirts, anything with the gray, pink or red color scheme would be cute. Boys can wear valetine shirts, bow ties, suspenders, etc...I just ask that nothing is in their pockets and that faces and hands are clean. 

What do I need to bring?

The only thing you HAVE to bring is your donation to the Little Lighthouse. 

Other than that feel free to bring a prop if you would like. Some cute things to include would be:

*a sign 


*big lollipop

*stuffed animal

*lipstick for kiss marks on cheek 

* "Mom" washable tattoo.  


Little Lighthouse Wishlist 

I do ask that you spend at least $10 on any of the following items and bring your donations to the mini session. 

The teachers said that they are in need of some of the following items:
 - play-doh
- bubbles
 - light - up toys (wands, spinners, fidget, gadgets, not infant toys)
 - metal kids silverware
 - rubber straws (Molly)
 - sidewalk chalk
 - index card holders
Teachers could also benefit from gift cards rom Hobby Lobby, Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Amazon)

They are also wanted to make care packages for the families that are having to deal with hospital visits and stays. Here are some items we need for that ministry:
 - gum
 - mints
 - crossword puzzles
 - pens
 - notebooks
 - hand sanitizers (small)
 - tissue packages (small)
 - comfy socks
- small scriptural easy reading materials
 - chapstick
 - gas gift cards

As a Director, she likes to give small incentives for her teachers/associates for positive reinforcement and encouragement.  She could use the following:
 - Small amount gift cards - $5 - $10 (QT, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Sonic, etc.)


If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 

My address is:

11905 E 90th St N, Owasso

See you soon!!