VIP Moms

What is a VIP mom?

A VIP mom is current client who chooses Shelly Sims Photography to be their go to photographer. They come back time after time for their pictures and recommend Shelly Sims Photography to friends and family. 

How do I become a VIP mom?

As soon as you have one full session with Shelly Sims Photography you are entered into the VIP moms group and facebook page. It's that easy!

Why would I want to be a VIP mom?

Along with a 10% discount on all sessions, my VIP moms also get first dibs at mini sessions and discounts I don't offer anyone else. They have first grabs at Black Friday specials and sometimes win gifts to celebrate my birthday, or if I am just in a good mood. lol! 

Can I be removed from the VIP moms group?

Unfortunately, yes. If you decide to go elsewhere and are advertising someone else's work on your social media or if you refer people to someone else, you will be removed. Please understand that this group is a way for me to thank those that are loyal to my business. 

If I am removed can I come back?

Absolutely!! I would welcome you back with open arms. I know there are many reasons to try the other thousand of photographers out there, but I would always be happy to have you back.